Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Wearing Josie's Mum's Skirt

Clothes have magical qualities - yet another reason to love them.
When I get dressed I choose clothes by being drawn to how they reflect how I "feel" about my garments not so much what I want to wear. Certain clothes eminate certain moods for me and as a result getting dressed each day is always interesting and reflection of self.

This morning I was just getting dressed for no real occasion - my friend Josie was coming over to watch dvds and generally procrastinate from doing sketchbook work for college.

Without really realising it I found myself putting on a long ethnic style skirt that once belonged to my own mother (which I subsequently stole when she moved across the Atlantic) and once wearing it remembered that Josie had told me that her Mum also owned the skirt.

I love Josie very much - I have only known her a while since September but I instantly gravitated towards her as someone on my wavelength and getting to know her certainly hasn't let me down. You know instantly when you make a friend for life. So when I chose subcontiously to put on a skirt that belong to both our mothers at some point I felt it rather symbolic - like somehow we were drawn to be linked.

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