Thursday, 7 January 2010

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now

Today we put the deposit down on our beautiful new home. I am rather ridiculously excited about having my first house to live in independently, suddenly things like shopping for curtains becomes enthralling and I'm already mentally mapping out which of and where my images and postcards are going to go on the walls.
I've moved many times in the past few years but I have a feeling I will settle nicely in our new home. It is a pretty Victorian terrace town house, with a quaint little hedge and iron gate. The features are still original, including the late Georgian windows and fireplaces.

Having lived in both modern and older properties I must say I much prefer the latter. Old buildings have character, they have vibes - having housed many people's stories. I like the idea that old walls have heard much laughter and seen much sorrow - it appeals to my ridiculously romantic nature and I like the idea that my occupation will also add to the history.

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