Thursday, 14 January 2010

Be Italian!

In my opinion lately there has been a distinct lack of pickle tickling musicals to come out the cinema but that's certainly now been rectified. A sumptuous Chicago - meets - Moulin Rouge with a pinch of Italian seasoning - il musical magnifico - "Nine" (which co-incidentally has the most amazing film title in the history of the world ever).

It does rather have a mouth watering line up which was hardly going to fail to impress - Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz (half naked frequently might I gleefully add), Marion Cotillard, Sophia Loren and Kate Hudson to name but a few.

It checked my boxes on every level; a brilliant musical score, passion, European accents, the sixties, sex, a Vogue journalist, emotional despair and most importantly breath-taking costumes by Colleen Atwood.

As my darling best friend Laura pointed out as I frequently squeaked "Oh would you LOOK at that dress" - it is something I can't turn off. Atwood doesn't really ever disappoint, doing the costumes for Chicago, Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow, Nine was, as expected, a corset rich visual orgasm. From the raunchy garments fantasized by lust filled lead Guido Contini , to the luscious and rich Folies Bergère costumes, I practically died and went to wardrobe heaven. It was quite literally all I could do not to go up and lick the screen - though I feel this may have slightly disturbed a few of our slightly more aged viewing comrades.

It had my tongue hanging out from the first peek of lace to the last diminuendo. Little more I can say really - go see it!!
I am already counting down the days until the dvd release.

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