Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Alphabet Spaghetti

Words, words, words, words!

I am most excited to be setting up a publication at college reporting on the ongoings within our lovely arts campus and local arts events. It was refreshing to pitch an idea and have my hand nearly bitten off for it. Small as it may be I'm really looking forward to being the editor of my own little project, sink my teeth into combining my dual loves for fashion and language. I'll even get my own little desk and my own little Apple Mac on which to do it all *giggles annoyingly*.

I have spent the day deliciously bound in the library with a buried under notebooks and a dictionary (9th edition) just scratching around for a good name - which I have yet to come up with. Just happily oblivious to the world lost in lexical fields, synonyms, playing with rhymes and bending grammar rules and even if it didn't result in anything tangible it still felt good to get lost in a wordy world for a purpose other than my own again - alphabet spaghetti head (which incidentally I had for my tea this evening).

Not so hot was the follow up of being a grammar whore for personal statements (not mine) but I was surprised to find that the skills haven't really left me - just been lying dormant for a while. My new year resolution to keep this blog has served me well just 12 days in it's helped to tickle my writing taste buds again. I'm thinking in words all the time, playing with linguistic tricks an so on. I found myself wide awake at 5am this morning with things just swimming around my brain - slight inconvenience but I'd rather have an alphabet spaghetti than a cabbage soup brain any day.

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