Sunday, 7 March 2010

Viva La Diva

I am no stranger to a dance floor, a few (no need for specifics here) glasses of wine and generally going out gallivanting and tarting around in my favourite wardrobe gems.

These last few months I really feel I have come out of myself - and whilst I know I am beginning to be known for my party girl antics I do not necessarily feel it's a bad thing. I manage to keep on top of my responsibilities and whilst spending 5 days a week in college and both days at the weekend working I don't particularly think I should feel any guilt in going out and partying (frequently).

For me the biggest (and best) part about going out is getting ready - or rather creating the outfit. Staying true to my mantra of "every day is fancy dress dah-ling" nights out on are just an added incentive to push this just that little bit further. Call it attention seeking if you will but I like to create a reaction when I go out - my appearance is a huge expression of self and I'm very fortunate in that I can display my biggest passion on my personage and communicate that about myself. I like to be slightly over the top in a sense that is almost self deprecating expressing my playful qualities.
This Saturday I rather took this to another level, in the usual head to toe 40's pin up styling, customary sunglasses in a dark nightclub and a recently addition of a black lace fan I then decided it would be a rather good idea to get someone to write (in permanent marker no less) "Viva La Diva" across my chest. I am a camera whore - there is no point in me denying this and so felt the marker pen brandish made a lovely little addition to the monotony of drunken pictures.

It's a shame some people don't understand my sense of humour. When I came back home and mentioned my antics on Facebook (as one often does slightly intoxicated). I got a message from a friend who said she'd happened across a Twitter post of an acquaintance of hers reading "Just seen someone with Viva La Diva written across her tits - aka I have an STI". Well I found that quite simply charming. Despite frequenting places that are supposedly "alternative" I then quickly came to realise that even though my eccentricities may be more accepted (tolerated) in certain genres of institution there are always going to be those who don't quite get it - or feel the need to mock in order to get one up. Personally I feel that was an expression of insecurity on his part- he knew what he couldn't touch *bats eyelashes and pouts*.

... I feel next week I shall go out with "Fuck You Jonno" written across my "tits" instead.

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