Monday, 29 March 2010

Getting Purseonal

So I happened to go out on Friday night (nothing majorly new there) and clearing out of the usual haunt I happened across a purse on the floor. The club had shut up so I couldn't hand it in behind the bar and after hovering around for a while to check that she wasn't looking for it I popped it into my bag intending to look through it properly more sober and find a way of returning it to its rightful owner.

It felt a tad intrusive at first digging through her purse but then I figured she'd rather I found a way of returning it to her if I could, so conscience eased I merry delved. Very quickly it struck me how much you can learn about a girl just from digging through her purse!

From just a few cards, receipts and pieces of paper I learned of all this:

Her full name and her date of birth - revealing she'd had a birthday just days before.
That she could drive as she had a driving licence.
She was a fashion design student at the London College of Fashion (my desired university no less) sporting a student card but I guessed from the style of her actual purse that she was a more of a main stream designer or street styler.
That she preferred to go by her middle name as the middle initial was used on all the cards that didn't require her official title and I liked this as my purse mirrors this - with my NI card and bank cards sporting Lucy Victoria and my Boots card etc showing Ruby.
From a comic little pledge that she had a boyfriend or at least a very close boy mate that she shared a joking/ playful relationship with as she also had his railcard.
She used the London Underground regularly from an Oyster card.
That she had at some point stayed at a Parisian hotel as there was a key card left in there which suggested to me that she also had either a sentimental or mischievous streak from pilfering it.
She also wrote her name with a little heart over the "i" etc.

I really felt that I had gained quite a lot of insight into this girl's life in that small square of faux leather. I had a bit of a split reaction to that though, in some senses I felt like I was being invasive, that I was looking into things that I shouldn't be seeing. I had initially decided to look through it to find some form of contact but as it didn't contain any phone numbers in there and I couldn't find anyone I thought that was her matching the names on Facebook I resigned myself to handing it in to the bank that she had her account with. I felt a bit miffed actually that I hadn't actually got to hand it her back myself but then I think I quite like the romance of her remaining a little bit of a mystery - like a character more than an actual person - moulded more to my interpretation.

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