Thursday, 23 September 2010

You say Gleek...

I like Glee. No I don't like Glee - I love it. It makes me happy and I am aware that this is doing absolutely nothing for my social status (which fortunately dah-lings is credible enough to with stand anything - even a crime such as a passionate enthusiasm for American musical television dramas).

It has little to do with the extreme cheese, far fetched plots and a whole host of incredibly annoying characters but quite simply it's the music. Since I purchased the box set of the first series last weekend nothing has quite managed to cheer me up and find a little fun after juggling a week of the hundreds of different projects I have an at the moment, than popping in an episode (or 4) before bed.

Now, unknown to many of my current acquaintances, before this Madame Fashionista, the "Diva" dah-ling, emerged on the scene my first real passion in life actually was music. My dream as a little girl, long before the magic of fashion possessed me, was actually to be a West End star. A secret though it was. I plowed through academic study at high school but my real release came from singing. Few things can compare to that release, the spirit that you envelope when you lose yourself in the melody and become one with a song. I feel that truly music carried me through many dark moments and certain songs lifted me out of years of depression. I know actually of very few people that don't love music, it embodies an incredible power to evoke emotion, draw a tear, expose a smile, change moods - indeed even lives.

Now realities did indeed set in, though I may be able to hold a tune, might crack one out at karioke and in my youth did win a few certificates and gain a few grades in singing, I shall never be a Barbara, an Ella, an Eva or Aretha. That said, however, I find very little harm than (safely away from other's poor ears) belting out the odd one now and again. There is actually proven clinical studies than singing reduces stress and I whole heartedly will agree with this.

I don't feel there should be rules on what kind of music people like to listen to. I am not au fait and neither am I okay with music snobbery. If one gains pleasure for whatever reason from whatever piece of music I don't feel this should be judged or be taken away from them. Infact I read a quote somewhere recently that I really liked that read, "I don't believe in guilty pleasures because there should be no guilt in pleasure". So with these words in my defence I find no guilt in liking Glee because it does infact give me great pleasure.

Dressing like a Gleek however, is never acceptable.

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