Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bare Necessities

I don't think you have to talk to me for more than three seconds to realise that I sleep, eat, breathe, live fashion. There are few greater pleasures in life than in wrapping luxurious fabrics around skin, adoring, decorating the form and transforming oneself into a walking work of art.

That said however, I feel when I write that I want to be at one with myself, to be natural, with my soul and therefore to do it completely in the buff.
The nude, naked, in my birthday suit.

na·ked   /ˈneɪkɪd/ [ney-kid]

1. being without clothing or covering; nude: naked children swimming in the lake.
2. without adequate clothing: a naked little beggar.
3. bare of any covering, overlying matter, vegetation, foliage, or the like: naked fields.
4. bare, stripped, or destitute (usually fol. by of ): The trees were suddenly naked of leaves.
5. without the customary covering, container, or protection: a naked sword; a naked flame.
6. without carpets, hangings, or furnishings, as rooms or walls.
7. (of the eye, sight, etc.) unassisted by a microscope, telescope, or other instrument: visible to the naked eye.
8. defenseless; unprotected; exposed: naked to invaders.
9. plain; simple; unadorned: the naked realities of the matter.

I'm not entirely sure what first gave me the impulse to do it, I was most likely caught off guard getting ready for bed or something but I've found that since I don't feel I can write with heart and soul unless I do it completely unclothed. There's something about needing to feel completely at peace with myself and I am at times completely scathing of my body and feel important when wishing to communicate and share with others that I am completely at ease myself so as to deliver my message wholly and with only pure intent.

Completely natural. We were all born naked and it often baffles me that there is such scandal about being nude. Facebook recently made me take down the photographs I had done at Christmas time that were (very tasteful might I add) art nudes and actually not revealing any of my "anatomy". I can understand the restrictions on vulgarity but surely if we as a society were much more accepting of the natural state there would not be so much controversy and therefore those that feel the need to use it for impure intent.

Just imagine walking out of the house and walking down the local high street, popping into a shop and buying a drink but completely starkers. Think about how you'd really feel, what would you feel conscious about? I can almost accurately guess that it would be what others would think, how you'd be judged, looked at ... what it is about clothes that make this any different? They are just a material (in both senses) shield.

I had to giggle at a story my neighbour was telling me earlier about a friend of hers who likes to take all of his clothes off at parties and walk around with a towel on his arm carrying a tray of drinks - just for the shock factor. But why is being naked shocking?

I honestly feel that the world be a much better place if we had more freedom to roam around completely unveiled at times, I won't be giving up my naked writing anytime soon anyway - and if it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable knowing I just wrote this to you completely leafless perhaps question why...?

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